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Over a decade of achieving stellar results brings a plethora of leveragable insights.

Understanding the lay of the land, the right market fit and crafting a clear, concise and timely strategy. 

Ensuring your team’s actions follows easily with constant campaign monitoring and refinement to ensure unimpeded growth.

We’re most happy when we place our clients in unique, strong and difficult to emulate positions.



Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.

– Archimedes

We Help You Scale.

The Stories

If you’d like more details on the below case studies – feel free to contact us and we’d be more than happy to share some of our stats and achievements.

KODAK In-Car Accessories
- Business Pitch & Licensing Agreement

Carpa Design is a successful Automotive Merchandise company based in Valencia Spain. Already having licensing agreements with well known brands like Mentos, Sparco and Goodyear (which we're delighted to have assisted in a number of related projects), they needed assistance in crafting a watertight licensing pitch to Kodak. The successful pitch included product concepts, a 12 month marketing & sales plan, product copywriting, web copywriting and press releases all for Kodak’s team to review.

Holiday Destination
- Sales & Marketing Strategic Refocusing

Operating for over 18 years, and a team of over 50+ employees, Surf Maroc run a collection of four epic oceanfront locations dotted along the coast of Morocco, each location with a unique theme and matching clientele.

In a increasingly competitive marketplace they maintained pole position through a strategic refocusing of Sales & Marketing operations and consolidating resources

Seven Seas Digital has helped us capitalise on highly valuable contracts and opportunities...
...through crafting astute business proposals and strategies - setting us apart from our competitors. We continually look forward to working with him in a number of areas in our business and always value his insights."
- Guillermo Mendoza Landi - GM, Carpa Design

Scaling E-Commerce Stores
- Winning UX, Facebook & Google Ads

Competing in a hugely cut throat and fast paced industry with tight margins, we analysed the entire sales funnel for a client situated with a big challenge ahead of them. After a number of rounds of optimisations we were able to quickly launch a highly impactful Ad campaign that generated and average 300+% ROAS.

Australian Law Firm -
Skyrocket SEO

Starting out as an upstart in an already highly competitive space, having a smart strategy that would drive impact for investment was essential. Within 6 months we began to tip the needle, driving hgh intent organic traffic with an increase in inquiries and client sign ups.

Meet The Mind Behind The Successes

Scott is a keen study of human psychology, neuroscience, marketing, design, the outdoors and solving each businesses unique rubik’s cube…

Meet The Mind Behind The Successes

Scott is a keen study of human psychology, neuroscience, marketing, design, the outdoors and solving each businesses unique rubik’s cube…

"Scott implemented a strategy that is still in place 4 years down the line and proving highly successful...
Guiding our team, Scott gave us valuable insights along with structure and processes that had a direct impact on our online and offline performance. I think he did an amazing job of unravelling and ordering our operation and giving it direction, my only regret is we didn’t have him guiding us for longer.

- Ben O'Hara - Owner @ Surf Maroc

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